FAQs - TeamConnect Scheduled

01. What is the difference between a Reservationless and Scheduled conference?

TeamConnect Reservationless conferencing provides permanent Chairperson and Participant passcodes, allowing meeting hosts to hold spontaneous conferences with no scheduling required. A Reservationless conference does not begin until the host joins the calls (the participants hear a recording until the host joins).

TeamConnect Scheduled conferencing provides single-use passcodes for automated entry into the conference, adding an additional layer of security over Reservationless, and is recommended for scheduled day-to-day calls where an operator is not required. A Scheduled conference begins when the first participant or host joins the call.

02. How do I schedule an audio call for the first time?

For a Scheduled Conference, please reference the TeamConnect Scheduled guides.

03. What is iCal and how do I use it to schedule a call?

The iCal scheduling tool interfaces with Miscrosoft Outlook. When scheduling through TeamConnect, the confirmation screen will show a button for iCal. When Outlook users click on the iCal button, Outlook opens with the meeting details already in the calendar. The calendar invitation can be saved and forwarded to invitees.

04. How do I report noise/poor quality on a conference call?

Press *0 while you are on the conference call. A BT operator will assist you free of charge. Chairpersons and participants may dial *0 for real time assistance.

05. Can I mute my line or someone else’s on the system?

As a participant, you can mute your own line by pressing *6. If you are a conference chairperson, you can mute the lines of all participant lines by pressing *5.

Other touch tone commands can be found on your welcome email or here.

06. If my meeting runs long, does the conference auto-extend?


07. If my estimate of conference participants was too low, will people be unable to join?

The system will allow additional users to join, with a limit of 50 participants per call. For calls that will exceed 50, please book an Event Call.

08. How do I get help with account issues, information on features, etc.?

If you experience a problem with the TeamConnect Audio Conferencing system or if you need account/password assistance, please contact the TeamConnect Conferencing help desk. More information regarding features, local access numbers, touchtone commands, etc. is available here.

TeamConnect Conferencing
Help Desk

Global Toll
+1 617 786 4193

or Dial your Global Access Number, and follow the prompts (1 to join conference, 2 for Help Desk)

Some services may not be available in your region.