FAQs - TeamConnect Reservationless

01. When can I begin to use my account?

Immediately, there is no need to activate it. Simply follow the steps in the TeamConnect Reservationless User Guide.

02. What if I didn't receive my welcome email?

Contact the TeamConnect Conferencing help desk. Your welcome email can be re-issued and/or assistance will be provided to resolve account issues.

03. What information should I give to someone invited to my conference?

Simply tell your participants what time the meeting will start and give them the dial-in telephone number and the participant passcode.

04. What do I need in order to join a meeting?

All you need is a touch-tone phone, the dial-in number and passcode.

05. What if I need help during the conference?

Simply press * 0 to reach a conference coordinator, who will be happy to assist you.

06. How do I alter the announcement on the TeamConnect Reservationless service when someone joins a call?

TeamConnect Reservationless settings can be changed online or via the TeamConnect Conferencing Help Desk. Options for both entry and exit of participant, include: no announcement, a tone, a generic announcement 'Someone has joined the call', or a personal announcement that gives the participant's name.

TeamConnect Conferencing
Help Desk

Global Toll
+1 617 786 4193

or Dial your Global Access Number, and follow the prompts (1 to join conference, 2 for Help Desk)

Some services may not be available in your region.