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Scheduling, service, and technical questions

Help is always free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Access help in any of the follow ways:

  • During a conference: Press *0 for an operator to assist you. Please note, this is by far the best way to report an in-conference concern, and will in most cases, allow us to resolve or at least identify the cause of the issue.
  • By phone*: Dial your TeamConnect dial-in number and select prompt 2.

    * For Germany, Japan, and China users - please use one of the following numbers:
  • Germany Helpdesk: +44 (0)20 7706 7834
  • Japan Helpdesk: 01 20 363 877
  • US & Americas Helpdesk: +1 617 786 4193
  • EMEA & Rest of the World Helpdesk: +44 (0)20 7402 6578
  • NOTE: Be sure to ask for a helpdesk ticket number for tracking purposes.

  • Online: Submit your issues through the Report an Audio Problem form. You will receive an auto-response email with your ticket number.
  • By email:
  • For German users email:
  • For Asia Pac users email:
  • For US & Americas users email:
  • For EMEA & Rest of the World users email:

If after seeking help through the above channels you find yourself still experiencing service issues, please contact your regional service manager and provide them with your ticket number. If you need to escalate the issue still further, please then contact your regional account manager.

Global Service Manager


Lucie Unuckova
+420 725987254

Global Business Manager


Elaine Goh
+ 65 9004 0219

Europe, Rest of the world, Lead Sales Specialist


Toralf Hamann
+49 30 99296 5462

US & Americas Sales Specialist


Michelle Zebell
+1 513 846 1508

SEA, Australia, NZ & Japan Sales Specialist


Dave Haslett
+61 401761736

Middle East, India, NEA Sales Specialist


Rakesh Narayan

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